Wayne Fogden is a Melbourne based artist making project-based photographic work. Aesthetically his photographs triumph space and scale, with compositions that consider what information is excluded from the frame as carefully as what is included.

A minimalist at heart, he uses just one camera and a single lens to make stunning large-scale images using whatever light is available, and adhering to the great photographer, Ansel Adams’ line, “A good photograph is knowing where to stand.”

His ongoing project, “Farmland” includes landscapes framing the country as a place of open spaces, isolation and nostalgia. The long-term documentation of Italian interiors treats the most iconic, beautifully extravagant palazzi and lesser-known, private villas with equal gravitas.

Fogden originally began a commercial photography career in Sydney. He specialized in portraiture, fashion and travel having been commissioned by the likes of American Express, The Australian Financial Review, AMP, FHM, Inside Sport and Bonds.

Exhibition History


2019 Fox Galleries, Melbourne, Palace: House Of Savoy, Turin solo exhibition

2019 Fox Galleries, Melbourne, Party Of Special Things group exhibition

2018 Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne, “Curator’s Pick” group exhibition

2017 Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne, “Spring Pop-up” group exhibition

2014 Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne, “New Work” group exhibition

2012 Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne, “Directors’ Choice” group exhibition

2012 Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne, “Mad Men” group exhibition

2012 Iain Dawson Gallery, Sydney, “Summer Lovin’” group exhibition

2011 Melbourne Art Fair with Iain Dawson Gallery, Sydney

2011 Albury Art Gallery “On Your Mark” group exhibition

2011 Iain Dawson Gallery, Sydney, “Bronte” solo exhibition

2005 Gold Street Gallery, Melbourne, group exhibition

2004 Point Light, Sydney, “Woman” group exhibition

2004 Head On finalist, Sydney, group exhibition