I recently spent 3 weeks travelling from Milan to Paris with my wife, Kate. Normally we travel in January due to work commitments, however this time we decided to go when the weather was somewhat warmer. As fate would have it, almost every day it rained, not torrential, just enough to make the journey less than perfect. Despite the spectre of rain I managed to capture a few images I’m happy with. They’ll appear in the portfolio in due course.

From a photographic perspective I travelled very lightly; a small carbon fibre tripod, the Cambo and a Schneider 35 mm lens. The following image is of Santa Margherita. It was quiet, as the weather was cool. The locals were slowly preparing for the imminent onslaught of tourists. I’m glad we didn’t have to contend with the crowd, though it would be something to see the place in full swing!

Santa Margherita